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Marketing Strategy


Don't waste your money, start with a marketing strategy

So many businesses come to us wanting to get started with a new website or marketing campaign but have no idea what their strategy is. Without the backing of a strong strategic foundation, you may not be able to expect success from your project. 

A marketing strategy can provide direction and structure, giving you and your business insights into your target audience, the messaging that they will engage with and the most suitable touchpoints to reach them on. Investing in a strong strategic foundation now, sets you up for long-term success.


Strategic Objectives

Project Scheduling

Marketing Audit

Customer Profile & Journey


Brand Guidelines

KPIs & Metrics

Campaign Briefs

Strategic direction for your marketing campaign

Image by Carlos Muza

At C&B Studio, we believe every business with a marketing function should start with a strategy. Without the focus of marketing objectives and tactics, set using the backing of strong research and analysis, a marketing campaign can lose its way very quickly. On countless occasions, we have seen businesses waste a lot of money because they didn't have the appropriate strategy in place before starting.


Whether its helping you understand your current market position, identify relevant industry competitors, refine your target audience, set objectives or assign strategic tactics, our marketing strategy is an all-inclusive document to give you insight and direction for your ongoing marketing campaign. 

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