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Influencer Marketing

The power of influencer marketing is undeniable. Tapping into the highly engaged audience of an influencer is a marketing strategy more and more companies are adopting.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Setting Objectives
Your Social Media Manager will work with you to establish your objectives for the influencer campaign.

Campaign Strategy 

Using our expertise and experience, we can advise which social platforms we should be targeting and how.

Influencer Research

Considering your target audience and objectives, we'll search for the perfect influencers for your campaign.

Client Approval 
The strategy and influencers for your influencer campaign are sent to you for your approval before we start.

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Influencer Campaign Management

Influencer Outreach
Once the perfect influencers are identified, we will contact them to discuss the upcoming influencer campaign.

Influencer Fee Management 

To make your life easier, we negotiate, manage and pay the fees paid to the influencers used for your campaign.

Creative Direction

We will work with the influencers to ensure the creatives they create fit the strategy of the campaign, including and associated hashtags.

Monitor Campaign
When the creatives produced by your influencers go live; we monitor it in real time to ensure everything goes seamlessly.

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Influencer Marketing Reporting

Influencer Feedback
We work with your selected influencers to gauge the success of their individual contribution to the campaign.

Influencer Reporting

We report back to you the reach and engagement achieved by each influencer, showing you the tangible results of the campaign.

Client Reporting
We also report on the affect to your own accounts, what sort of audience growth or sales can we attribute to the campaign?

Future Influencer Campaigns 
By being able to analyse the success of individual influencers, we can advise on which would be suitable for future campaigns.

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